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The latest release of CaseWare IDEA® delivers advanced analytics capabilities, seamless collaboration, and a streamlined user experience. IDEA 11.2 empowers auditors greater with the following added functionality:

  • Advanced data analysis with new module of Python scripts
  • Virtualized platform to work, collaborate, store, and access files
  • Improved compatibility with modern operating systems
  • Fully integrated with Working Papers
  • Easy access to apps, tests, and scripts via the IDEA Ribbon
  • Simplified licensing model delivering a more flexible, cost-effective, and accessible deployment of IDEA

Helpful Resources for CaseWare IDEA 11.2

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IDEA’s newest release offers more value with access to an array of new apps, more licensing freedom, and the tools to automate basic processes for optimal efficiency.
Flexible Licensing
Benefits & FAQ
Explains the benefits of subscription-based licensing including easy access to resources.
CaseWare Cloud & IDEA CloudShare FAQ
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