October 11th
2pm Central (3:00 EST)

As we enter the era of digital transformation, the variety and volume of data are exploding. The first step in gaining value from data is getting it into an organized, useful state, which is not always an easy process.

In just 30 minutes, we will show you tips for wrangling messy data including:

  • Cleansing, formatting and profiling data to extract maximum value
  • Validate the data to ensure high levels of accuracy
  • Test data correctness, timeliness, relevance and completeness

Featured Speaker:

Mario Perez
Audit Analytics Consultant, Audimation Services

Transparent mario-perez.png
Mario has over 12 years experience as an IDEA user, trainer, and provider of technical support and consulting services. Starting with his introduction to IDEA as an audit associate at BDO New York in the mid-90s, he credits his enthusiasm for Data Analytics and knowledge of IDEA with traveling the world, working with the IDEA distributor in Scandinavia as well as training and consulting engagements in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and The Bahamas.